His Story

Since 2002

Scott Weiner​Scott started his full time maker-existence in 2002 while waiting for the birth of his daughter Samantha. Trying to keep busy he decided to make her a dollhouse which turned into a life-long obsession with creating. He considers himself a “tinkerer” as there is nothing he won’t try twice but is admittingly addicted to his lathe. His mantra is “Get into your shop and make something beautiful” because beauty isn’t always in the end product as much as the creative journey to get there. That led to creating a YouTube channel where you can find him sharing projects that he has never tried before and sharing the process and lessons learned.

When not in his shop he can be found volunteering his time as a Paramedic/Firefighter, teaching the next generation of first responders, binging on Sci-Fi/Fantasy films or hanging with his wife and four kids in Reisterstown Maryland.

and Dad!